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In Memoriam:  Dr. Marc Kleinman

Dr. Marc Kleinman  - AATOD Conference, 2006

In Memoriam:
Methadone Advocate, MSO Board of Directors & Advisors, and my good friend, "Dr. Marc"


Where to even start with a wonderful person like our Dr. Marc?   Usually not one for a loss of words, I sit here struggling.....
I met Dr. Marc years ago, just before opening the doors of Methadone Support Org. (MSO), and he has been my associate, friend and mentor ever since. Dr. Marc was a PhD in Clinical Psychology and worked with methadone patients for over 30 years. He was the Regional Administrator/Clinical Director for Operation PAR, with methadone clinics throughout Florida. Even with Dr. Marc's crazy, busy schedule, he ALWAYS managed to come to MSO several times a day where he was responsible for our forum entitled “The Real Deal...with Dr. Marc”. He provided factual and supportive information about Medication Assisted Treatment....and Patients, their loved one's, and anyone interested could go there and ask a question, get some support, dispel the many "methadone myths", etc. For most of the years he did this anonymously. He did not want the recognition, and felt that if some of his clinic patients stopped by they might feel uncomfortable opening up knowing his identity. It was only when he received the "Marie Award" at this past AATOD Conference in San Diego that he revealed his identity....so that he could thank MSO publically.   Thank us???!!!   lol...he has helped COUNTLESS people in his forum, the thanks goes to Dr. Marc! Sadly, Dr. Marc eventually had to stop his forum during his illness, but to this day I simply cannot seem to take it down. Below is the logo and link to his forum......
.....HOWEVER, I know that Dr. Marc would LOVE it if another "Dr." would take over the forum, where he left off.   Please drop me an email if you are qualified and interested.  I promise it's not too time consuming!

One just needs to peruse  Dr. Marc's Get Well Book  to see how many people he helped....at the Operation Par clinics and MSO... and how loved he is.

For someone that "has no words"...I sure seem to be rambling on here :)
Below I will list some of our Dr. Marc links...and because he had such a WONDERFUL sense of humor....some of the goofy graphics I made for him over time. In closing, I would MUCH appreciate it if anyone would suggest things to put on this page, and emailing things to me would be even nicer. I will be adding new items as we go...so please check back often and do not forget to leave a message in the condolence book below.

Doc, you will be sooooooo missed...you are already. Rest in peace, my dear friend.



The REAL Deal...with Dr. Marc
(his forum at this website)

Marie Award
(scroll down to article)

Interview with Dr. Marc
(after receiving Marie Award at AATOD conference)

Light a candle for Dr. Marc

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